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In this AG Firmware File side, you can get any types of Companies’ firmware files which files are 100% tested files. You can be flashed any type of mobiles by helping of tested firmware files without any risks. Definitely, you will be satisfied after using this all tested files of my side because AG firmware files have been tested in practical. As a result related to software problem of any types mobile has resolved successfully.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

LAVA Iris41 INT S119 CM2 Read Stock Rom Firmware Flash File Dead /LCD Fix Tested Download Free.

The Firmware file is an operating system. Which works to direct hardware. Which we know as software. Mobile does not exist without software. In the same area we technicians consider software important. We use it daily in the mobile sector whether it is for flashing or unlocking, but we use software. You can use the firmware file of all the companies including Samsung in this city to upgrade, downgrade and flash your mobile. Now you can get free of cost file at no cost. Now you don't have to go to any other side, we will upload all the company files to you daily on AG_Firmware File website.

LAVA Iris 41 S119 CM2 Read Stock Rom Firmware Flash File
Details of mobile Phone LAVA Iris 41 S119 CM2 Read Official Firmware Stock Rom for Dead boot recover/boot logo/LCD Black White Fix Tested Flash File without password Download Free.

@ Brand: Lava
@ Mobile Model: Iris 41
@ Sec. Patch:  2017-09-05
@ Android Version: Marshmallow 6.0
@ Processor/chipset: MT6570
@ RAM: 1 GB
@ ROM:  8 GB            
@ Firmware File Size: 777 MB
@ Patch Level: MRA58K
@ Build Time: 1511864721
@ Firmware Model: Iris41 INT S119 17K28
@ Free

After using this firmware file, any kind of problems will be resolved with 100% tested LAVA Iris 41 S119 Cm2 Read Official Firmware Stock Rom Dead boot recover/boot logo fix/LCD Black White Fix Tested Flash File without password Download Free.

@ Pin removes.
@ Password removes.
@ Pattern Remove
@ Hang on logo problem solves.
@ Boot logo problem solve.
@ Dead fix/LCD fix.
@ File missing problem solve.
@ Ram performs slowly.
@ Phone works slow.
@ Unwanted monkey/sexy virus remove also.
@ App has been stopped unfortunately.
@ When the Black/White LCD has showed on the phone.
@ Restart your phone automatically.
@ Install the application automatically.
     Download Here

Process of mobile flashing         MTK

@ Make sure your device has 40 percent changed to perform flashing.
@ At first, you have to be switch off the mobile.
@ Open the SP flash tool and other supported box or dongle.
@ Select the scatter Firmware file.
@ After selection, flashing process will start automatically.
@ The Flashing process starting will be taking some time, at the same time mobile has to connect to USB cable.
@ After flashing process is completed successfully.

LAVA Iris 41 S119 Cm2 Read Official Firmware Stock Rom Dead boot recover/boot logo/LCD Black White Fix Tested Flashing File without password Download Free, If you have any doubt about of this file, You can see/check the read firmware file detail.

LAVA Iris 41 S119 CM2 Read Stock Rom Firmware Flash File

Operation: Read Firmware [v2.06]
1. Make sure device is powered off. Power off, if needed. Wait 20 seconds after
2. Insert USB cable in phone
Waiting for device connection PTFN: MEDIATEK PRELOADER USB VCOM_V1632 (Android) (COM3)
Waiting BOOT ACK
PRELOADER: ACK confirmed!
BROM init passed!
CHIP: MT6570, SBID: 0x8A00, HWVR: 0xCA00, SWVR: 0x0000
BROM: Sec Level: 0x00000000
BROM: Sec Mode: PLAIN [+PRL]
MODE: 0_base: BASE_v1712 | Manual: Disabled
AGENT: Look for suitable Boot Chain in DA.
AGENT: MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin
AGENT: Found MT6570
BROM: Sending 1st DA.
BROM: DA sent
BROM: Transfer control to DA.
DA: AGENT started!
DA: EXT_RAM initialized!
DA: BOOT to 2nd DA.
DA: 2ND stage confirmed!
DA: SYNC with DA passed!
DA: Receiving HW info
SRAM: 0x00020000 [128.00 KB]
DRAM: 0x40000000 1.00 GB EMMC: 150100464E36324D4203DA7AB86CA4F3
BOOT1: 0x00400000 [4.00 MB]
BOOT2: 0x00400000 [4.00 MB]
RPMB   : 0x00080000 [512.00 KB]
USER   : 0x1D2000000 [7.28 GB]
CHIP: MT6570, SBID: 0x8A00, HWVR: 0xCA00, SWVR: 0x0000, EVOL 0x0000
RNID: 739772F6E64658CC96B4984D9809A0D1
Boot done!
Patch Level    : MRA58K
Display ID     : LAVA_iris41_INT_S119_17K28
Ver. Code Name: REL
Ver. Release   : 6.0
Sec. Patch     : 2017-09-05
Build Time     : 1511864721
Product Model: iris41
Product Brand: Lava
Product Name   : iris41
Product DEVIC: iris41
Product Board: iris41
Board Platform: mt6570
Product Info   : iris41
Read: preloader.bin
Read: proinfo.img
Read: nvram.bin
Read: lk.bin
Read: boot.img
Read: recovery.img
Read: logo.bin
Read: md1rom.img
Read: secro.img
Read: system.img
EXTSPARSE: Compression ratio: 19%
Read: cache.img
Rea: userdata.img
FW Size: 1.89 GB
Android Info saved: _Android_info.txt
Scatter: MT6570_Android_scatter.txt
Saved to: C:\Users\Asmit\Desktop\1\Lava\New folder\MT6570__LAVA__iris41__6.0__LAVA_iris41_INT_S119_17K28__MRA58K__iris41\
Elapsed: 00:06:25


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